Welcome to Hayatt Shisha Lounge

Hayatt shisha lounge has a relaxed and traditional Arabic charm, with an elegant atmosphere. Live sport TV, music played in comfort and try  one of the many different shisha flavors we offer. 

Hayatt Shisha Lounge

we stock the finest Al Fakher, as well as Starbuzz and Fantasia

Here at Hayatt Lounge, we are proud to offer a wide and diverse selection  of shisha, to satisfy your every mood and taste. When you visit us, we  transport you to another world of intrigue, mystery and flavour.

Home of Shisha in Camberwell

Originating from India and the Middle East, shisha has become  increasingly popular in the UK in recent years. It was once smoked in  India as a sign of prestige, it seems we just can’t get enough of the sweet  flavours or the touch of exoticism it adds to a meal out.

Finest Middle Eastern shisha

extensive range of finest Middle Eastern shisha that makes us unique

he dark, luxurious cosiness and minimalism of our interiors is designed  to help you unwind and relax, whether you’re visiting with all of your  friends on a Saturday night of enjoying a mid-week treat with a loved  one

A wide range of flavours to choose from

A wide range of flavours to choose form